November 3, 2007

They Don’t Make It Easy


It is easy to get sidetracked when working on my book inventory.  In addition to the problems that anyone might have finding an extended period of time to work alone, sorting through books provides its own hazards.  Many books contain a host of interesting things left behind, usually as bookmarks.  I have a box next to my desk filled with old airline tickets, pictures, and other forgotten paraphernalia.  I often get distracted with reading.  While writing a description of a book I flip through it looking for markings or highlights, and occasionally stop and get caught up in a passage.  I can also get stuck looking at cover art. 

This morning I have been listing some books I got from a friend of a friend and came across three covers that need to be shared with the world.  Predictably from the 1970s, two of these awful covers just reek of cheese, while the third will have me contemplating the bizarre for a week.  Here they are with a few thoughts.

The shag rug, denim leisure suit, office bikini, and mirror-tiled wall are all great details, but the briefcase pulls it all together.  Mike Shayne is nothing if not professional.

I wonder how many takes it took to get the perfect shot for this one.  “Spread your hand out more.  Turn her toward the camera.”  Ed Noon is not just a “swinging dick”, he’s a “super-swinging dick”, who loves women in crochet.

This one is my favorite.  When he shot the sandwich, do you think he knew the grenade was in there?  “I said rye, not sourdough, God damn it!”

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